Fourth Quarter

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The 4th quarter is the most important quarter of any game, because this is the last chance to make a comeback and win the game! I believe God is calling us the a season of the 4th quarter in our spiritual journey. I believe God is saying, "Stay focused. Don't give up. There's a finish line. There's a light at the end of the tunnel. Keep running strong. Don't give up now. Your victory is right in front of you if you will just keep running."


The 4th Quarter Of Your Spiritual Journey 5
Consistency And Persistence Bring Breakthrough 9
Pressing Beyond The Challenges 12
Get Back In The Game 15
If There's Time On The Scoreboard, You Can Still Win! 19
Forgiveness Is A Choice 21
Seven Strategies For Overcoming In The 4th Quarter 26
Kick Your Faith Up A Notch! 33
Incredible Comebacks 36
Personal Prayer Of Commitment 39